Our Structure

The Early Careers Foundation is funded by The Early Careers Company. All expenditure is directly paid for by the business, and Foundation employees are employed by the Company and seconded, full-time, to the Foundation.

Our Foundation has a unique structure, designed to ensure that we deliver the best initiatives possible to the young people that we support.

Given the funding from The Early Careers Company, our charity is unique in that we don’t seek donations, nor need them to operate.

This means that everyone involved is aligned to one goal: to give thousands of young people from low-income backgrounds the confidence, exposure and tools they need to succeed in the working world.

This structure is made up of seven key groups, combining to create an effective and well-resourced charity:

The Early Careers Foundation Team

The employees of the Foundation. The team are employed by The Early Careers Company and seconded, full-time, to the charity.

This team will scale as the Foundation and Company grow.

Board of Directors

A group of eight incredible people, responsible for reporting, oversight, high-level strategy and sign-off. Our Directors are a combination of business leaders, senior HR/talent leaders and educationalists.

The Early Careers Company Team

The employees of The Early Careers Company, who are all seconded part-time (approximately 10%) to the Foundation – supporting the Foundation team with day-to-day management of the Foundation, and delivery of the initiatives.

Advisory Group

A group of fifteen Talent, People and HR professionals – those with more time than our Directors and likely to have their ‘ears to the ground’ more in our space, who work with The Early Careers Company team to develop initiatives, provide feedback on developments, help form corporate partnerships and share their expertise.

Partner Organisations

Organisations who are partnered with the charity – where they donate employee time (but not money) on a larger scale, and develop co-branded training sessions as part of the Commercial Training Programme.


A group of diverse young professionals, employed by our Corporate Partners across a wide range of industries, who will support our brilliant young people as a mentor.

Prism the Gift Fund

One of the UK’s largest charities, Prism provide our charitable infrastructure and administrative support.