When students at our School Partners reach Year 12 they can be selected by their teachers to join our Mentoring Programme. This supports the learning that they can access on the Future Hub app, by assigning them a mentor who they will meet with virtually once a month over their final two years of school.

Year One –

Self-Discovery & Confidence Building

16-17 year old mentee

In Year One of the programme, a mentor’s role is to guide their mentee’s learning as they utilise our app – the Future Hub – alongside helping them to identify their areas of interest, career ambitions, talents and areas for growth.

All of the mentoring will be done through our mentoring platform. This platform is used to schedule all your monthly mentoring sessions, access each mentoring session plan and mentoring activities that you can utilise through your sessions month-to-month. These activities will cover topics such as confidence building, mentee self-discovery, relationship strengthening and more.

Year Two –

Career Readiness Coaching Process

17-18 year old mentee

In Year Two, where possible, mentors will be paired with a new mentee who has indicated they are interested in the industry or business function mentors are in. Together, you will work through our structured ‘Career Ready’ coaching process.

Each mentoring session will have a specific activity to work through together, designed to prepare your mentee for higher education, further training or a fantastic first role. Example activities include application support, creating a CV, writing a personal statement, interview practice, using LinkedIn and more. At the end of the year it would be fantastic for mentors to arrange work experience or introductions to the industry where possible.

Our mentoring programme works alongside the school academic year so that our young people can benefit the most from the programme alongside their education.

We therefore match registered and trained mentors with a mentee at the beginning of Year 12, at the beginning of the academic year in September. Individuals who would like to join as a mentor for the upcoming school year can apply at any point up to September, but must have attended a mentor training session before they can begin volunteering with us.

We hold a few additional registration points for both mentors and mentees in December and February, however these run at a lower capacity. From March onwards, individuals will be applying to join the next cohort of mentors or mentees to begin at the start of the next academic year!

Key Dates for 2022 – 2023:

Applications open for the 2022-23 Mentoring Programme

April 2022

June – August 2022

Mentor Training sessions available to join

Final Mentor Training session

Mentors and mentees matched to begin the programme together

September 2022

October – November 2022

2022-23 cohort begins

Mentoring sessions commence

Additional registration point and catch-up sessions

December 2022

February 2023

Additional registration point and catch-up sessions