There are three groups that volunteer their time and expertise to support our mission to improve the life chances of the young people we work with:

Corporate Partners



If you think your organisation would like to support the work we’re doing, get in touch:

Corporate Partners

What is their role?

Our Corporate Partners are the backbone of our programme. They support our initiatives by doing one or both of the following two things.

Introduce Mentors

Introduce employees, ideally from socioeconomically and ethnically diverse backgrounds, who can become mentors.

Create Module Content

Using your industry expertise, provide content to us which we will develop into a branded module on My Future Hub. We have comprehensive guidelines to simplify and hand-hold you through the module creation process, making it a very easy process.

To be clear, partnering with us is completely free of charge – there are no hidden costs whatsoever! We are fully funded by the Early Careers Company. All we ask our corporate partners for is a little bit of their time and expertise.

  • Approximately one 45-60 minute session per month

  • Training delivered by The Early Careers Foundation


  • Constant support and guidance on hand

  • Enhanced DBS checks and referencing

(part of Safer Recruitment and Safeguarding) managed by the Foundation

Our mentors our carefully selected groups of employees of our corporate partners.


The mentors that work with the Foundation to support, guide and inspire the young people we work with are the backbone of our programme.

Our mentors are specially recommended young professionals, who are employees of our corporate partners.

The mentoring is on a one-to-one basis, with pairings determined by the Foundation team (in partnership with the mentors), based on background, ethnicity, gender and job function and industry. This is so the mentees resonate as much as possible with the person they’re being supported by.

Training, created by experts in their fields, is provided by The Early Careers Foundation, so that mentors can learn how best to support their young person – and constant support and help is on hand, should it be needed.

After completing the training, mentors volunteer their time to support one of the brilliant and inspiring, but less advantaged, young people on our programme, and guide them through those formative years of their education and life. This makes a real tangible difference to outcomes – and inspires both mentor and mentee alike.

Everything is managed and overseen by us – we’ll deliver training, perform checks and references in line with our Safer Recruitment, Safeguarding and Child Protection policies, and provide support and guidance wherever it’s needed.