Our app, the Future Hub, fills the careers knowledge gap by teaching young people about the commercial world and the career opportunities within it, in a fun and engaging way. Think of it like the DuoLingo for the world of careers!

Students from our School Partners can download the Future Hub onto their phones, via the App Store or Google Play Store, and benefit from the custom-built gamified learning programme, co-created with our Corporate Partners.

Our close connection to the early careers industry means that the Future Hub will be one of the most up-to-date career advisory platforms for the commercial sector in the UK.

The platform will always be growing as industries evolve and new career paths emerge.

Business Industries

An introduction to all the main business industries and career opportunities within them.

Corporate Functions

e.g. HR, Research & Development, Finance and career opportunities within them.

General Commercial Awareness

How companies become profitable, successful, and serve its customers well

Skills Development

Skills for career success such as copywriting, coding, project management, organisation, communicating confidently and more.

Hosted on our custom-built app – Future Hub (available on the Google Play and App Store)

We have built our My Future Hub app in collaboration with an award-winning developer. Our app’s design is informed by numerous research-backed theories in learning psychology and neuroscience, which have been shown to maximise learner engagement and information retention. These include social learning, Bloom’s taxonomy of learning and gamification principles.

Micro-learning Modules: all modules are presented in a digestible micro-learning format.

After completing introductory level modules, young people will unlock further levels which cover in-depth industry knowledge.

Leaderboards and Social Interaction: young people in the same school can post on the community noticeboard and view their overall position on the anonymised national leaderboard. This competitive social element has been shown to increase learner engagement exponentially. All posts are monitored and regulated for appropriateness and safeguarding.

Gamification: modules are embedded into one of ten different engaging game templates.

Experience Points (XP): all achievement on the app reward XP which determine leaderboard position.

Login Streaks: our Login Streaks feature motivates young people to learn a little bit every day.

Earn Badges: cool surprise badges are unlocked as young people complete challenges and levels.