We are a social mobility charity, funded and administered by The Early Careers Company, working to reduce the impacts of socioeconomic inequality amongst young people in the UK, and creating a more level playing field in the Early Careers job market.

Launching September 2021


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Why do we exist?

The disparities between the success of those who are born into fortunate surroundings and those who are born into less fortunate ones are staggering, and they start early.

In the UK, family wealth at birth – not IQ, not race, not gender, is the most accurate indicator of future financial success. 

  • By age 25 – someone who went to a fee-paying school is, on average, earning 35% more than their state-educated peers.

  • Children on Free School Meals are 23% less likely to be in sustained employment, and 3x more likely to be on out-of-work benefits, at 27 years old, than their peers.

  • Location is also a huge dividing factor – with the average salary in Southend being only just over half of that in London, only 40 miles away. 

What do we do?

There are many reasons for these gulfs – differences in educational standards, exposure to different industries, aspirations, challenging home or family situations, lack of job opportunities in different areas of the UK and more – and only some of them are possible for a foundation like ours to seek to improve.

Our view is that one way to level the playing field significantly is to support less advantaged young people in society to gain the tools and exposure they need to secure themselves a fantastic first job. Given our close connection to the early careers industry, The Early Careers Foundation focuses on running initiatives for disadvantaged 14-18 year olds in the UK, helping to equip them for the world of work, and improve their chances of eventually securing that first job, in an industry they love.

Our Initiatives


We run several initiatives, working with children and young people in state education – including on Free School Meals – across the country. Our initiatives are focused on reducing the gulf between them, and the largely well-educated, middle-class business community into which they will hopefully transition post-education – guiding them through formative years of their education, teaching them about various areas of the business world, giving them access to cultural experiences, and supporting with the cost of higher education.

Mentoring Programme

Supporting our young people through the formative years of their education – giving them access to regular, consistent mentoring and guidance from business leaders and talent professionals.



Commercial Training Programme 

A centrally-run, virtual training programme consisting of 100+ hours of content, aimed at helping disadvantaged young people to understand the business world.

Cultural Experiences Programme

Every month, we buy a selection of tickets for cultural experiences – everything from Theatre shows to Museum and Gallery exhibitions, which we then give to young people we support – giving them and their family access to cultural experiences they may not have been able to enjoy, free-of-charge.

The Early Careers Fund

A means-tested grant fund, aimed at supporting these young people with the costs of university, funded by The Early Careers Company, and Corporate and High Net Worth donors.

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