We are a social mobility charity working to reduce the impacts of socioeconomic inequality on disadvantaged young people in the UK.

We believe that talent and potential – not background – should be what determines a young person’s success.

Why do we exist?

The Early Careers Foundation wants to create a society where talent, not background, determines a young person’s career success.

However, in the UK, we are still very far away from this reality

Children on Free School Meals are, at 27 years old:


less likely to be in sustained employment


more likely to be on out-of-work benefits

Family wealth at birth is the most accurate indicator of future financial success.

Not IQ, race or gender.

Only 6% of doctors, 12% of journalists and 12% of chief executives today are from working-class origins.

By age 25, someone who went to a fee paying school is, on average

than their state-educated peers.

A low ability child from a high-income family is


more likely to be a high earner

than a high ability child from a low income family.


We run three interconnected initiatives for young people from low socio-economic backgrounds in order to equip them with the knowledge, guidance and access they need to make an informed decision about their future career and secure a fantastic first role in an industry they love.

Diagram showing Structure of the Foundation